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Daniel Hutton Ferris

Lecturer in Political Theory

Newcastle University



I'm a political theorist at Newcastle University.


Last year I was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford's Center for Ethics and before that I studied in Oxford, Frankfurt, and Toronto.

My main research interest is in democratic theory; I interpret and evaluate novel forms of representation and participation.

I also work in the history of political thought and comparative political theory.



"Centripetal Representation"

American Journal of Political Science, online first.

Click here for a short summary on the AJPS blog.

"Civic Virtue in the Deliberative System"

Journal of Deliberative Democracy, 2019.

Work in Progess

An article comparing the theories of world peace proposed by Kang Youwei and Immanuel Kant.

An article developing a Hobbesian theory of "democratic legibility", with Zak Black.

An article exploring the relative merits of lottocratic and psephocratic legislatures.

An article proposing a social democratic second legislative chamber.

An article investigating the virtues of Ranked Choice Voting (specifically: the Alternative Vote) in the US.

Employment & Education

Stanford University 

Postdoctoral Researcher (Center for Ethics)

University of Toronto

PhD Political Science 

Goethe University 

Visiting Scholar (Forst Kolloquium)

University of Oxford

MPhil Politics & BA PPE



Stanford University​

Moral Theory and Current Debates​​


University of Toronto​

Modern Political Thought​



Henry Daysh Building 429, 

Newcastle University, 

Newcastle upon Tyne, 

England UK,