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Daniel Hutton Ferris

Lecturer in Political Theory and Philosophy

Newcastle University



I'm a political theorist at Newcastle University.


Before coming to Newcastle I was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University's Center for Ethics and studied in Oxford, Frankfurt and Toronto.

My main research interest is in democratic theory; I interpret and evaluate novel forms of representation and participation.

I also work on the history of political thought and comparative political theory.



"Lottocracy or Psephocracy? Democracy, Elections, and Random Selection"

European Journal of Political Theory, online first.

[open access]

"Centripetal Representation"

American Journal of Political Science, online first.

Click here for a short summary on the AJPS blog.

[ungated draft]

"Democratic Peace Beyond Westphalia: Kang and Kant"

Comparative Political Theory, Vol 3, Issue 1 (2023)

[ungated draft]

"Civic Virtue in the Deliberative System"

Journal of Deliberative Democracy, Vol. 15, Issue 1 (2019).

[open access]

Work in Progess

An article evaluating the democratic credentials of north-American Indigenous customary governments.

An article on democratic responsiveness and ranked choice voting in the US.

An article developing a theory of democratic writing, with Zak Black.

Other Writing

Review of Simone Chambers, Contemporary Democratic Theory, at Review of Politics, forthcoming.

"Kang Youwei: the revolutionary thinker and reformer behind modern China's transformation", at The Conversation, 2024.

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